The huge changes to working practices that many businesses and employees have recently had to make to comply with emergency legislation, are changes that would usually require weeks or months of planning to implement. Within days many are now embracing working from home and flexible working, relying on communication systems and connections that have never felt more important.

About Time Solutions are ready to support you

Going forward businesses will want to be more prepared to feel in control of any eventuality and there is no doubt this will feel a huge learning curve. About Time Solutions are ready to support you and we are already gearing up for the future with the experience and expertise to help you transform and future-proof your workplace across the four areas that we predict will be high on the agenda.

Reaping the benefits of remote working

While many have dipped a toe or even immersed their business in homeworking, many more will now be utilising this as a necessity homeworking, many more will now be utilising this as a necessity and if successful will be wanting to pursue this going forward. Our experienced team at About Time Solutions will help you for the best outcomes & provide you with the products need.

Increased Productivity and conscientiousness

The good news is that enabling a flexible approach to working has been shown to increase productivity and employee retention, with improved job satisfaction from reduced commutes , and access to a wider pool of talent for the work you need. Often the offer of flexible workmen makes a job more appealing and there is evidence that staff become more conscientious when working from home.

work from home graph

work from home graph

For many businesses allowing work from home offers a lot of advantages in reduced risk and financial outlay. It can also reduce your carbon footprint and improve air quality in cities through reduced commutes.

flexible work space design

flexible work space design

Successful Home Working

In order to make flexible working successful, the right processes and technologies must be in place. Staff will need to feel they are part of a team with a focus on both formal and informal connection in and out of the office. Introducing a simple communication software for a morning “Hello” as well as the video conferencing yo need to achieve full team meetings will enable the development of good team relationships and boost morale.

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  • Include dSupporting the Flexible Workplace
  • The New Healthy Office
  • Creating an inviting Workplace



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